Hello! I’m Mareth, a writer and artist based in Dundee. My poetry can be found in the Queer Dot and DUAG (Dundee University Artists Guild) zines, as well as on DURA (Dundee University Review of the Arts). I am currently the co-editor of Arts and Entertainment in the student magazine, The Magdalen, and previously wrote articles as a staff writer.

As an artist I love to work in interdisciplinary ways, combining writing and visual art! You can read an illustrated version of my poem ‘March’ here. Recently I’ve been working on illustrating comics for a new Dundee University comic society, which will be publishing its first issues in autumn this year.

Below, some examples of my work- a comic page, ‘March’ extracts and DUAG zine submission ‘Hindsight’

Contact info

Email me! – Mareth61@gmail.com

Instagram- @marethdraws

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